1955: A new car is born...THUNDERBIRD. This car, and the Thunderbirds that followed, are classics and set the styling trend for an entire generation of cars.

1981 and newer Thunderbirds have 17-character VINs.

1960-1980 Thunderbirds have 11-character VINs.

1955-1959 Thunderbirds have 10-character VINs, with the exception of those built in Mexico which have 12 characters.

Common VIN entry errors include confusing 2 or 7 with Z, 4 with Y, 4 with H, and 5 with S,  and Q with O.

The letters I and O are never used in any Thunderbird VIN.


Make sure there is no white space - leading, trailing, or in the VIN.

VIN not present, or VIN not yet entered.

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